Create SSL certificate for testing

makecert comes (for instance) with Visual Studio (it’s deprecated, but still useful).

Open a VS command line (as admin).

Sample command line for a test certificate:

makecert -r -pe -n "CN=localhost" -m 12 -sky exchange -ss myserverCert.cer
  • -r: self-signed
  • -pe: private key exportable
  • -n: Followed by name of publisher’s certificate (“CN=…”)
  • -m: duration in months
  • -sky: Subject’s key specification (here: Exchange)
  • -ss: Name of the subject’s certificate store where the generated certificate will be stored (“my”)
  • When copy-pasting, make sure quotes are coped correctly. Don’t use dashes or dots in the CN.

MakeCert documentation

“SSL server mode must use a certificate with the corresponding private key”

Create private key and use X509Certificate2 class instead of X509Certificate:

makecert.exe -r -pe -n "CN=localhost" -sky exchange -sv server.pvk server.cer
pvk2pfx -pvk server.pvk -spc server.cer -pfx server.pfx -pi <password>
var certificate = new X509Certificate2("path\server.pfx", "password");

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